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Mount Beerwah, or a mountain of equal or lesser value

I took a trip with a few second year students in the break.  One of the guys I went with is the older brother of a classmate of my younger brother.  I met his younger brother first, at UBC… Small world.  Anyway, it was great.  we decided to try get up Mount Beerwah in the Glasshouse mountains, which are really strange rock formations sticking out of the otherwise nearly flat surroundings.  They say that the mountains are the remnants of volcanic plugs, and the cinder cones have long disappeared.  Makes for some funny hills, anyways.  We drove to Mount Beerwah, but after parking and hiking up the path to the start of the mountain (despite the path being closed) we got to the base of the rock to find it a little slippery because it had been raining.  We didn’t know what it would be like to come down if we got up, so we decided not to risk it… we were told by some others on the path that a few people had to recently be airlifted off, and didn’t want to add our names to the list (apparently it happens often enough).

This is what Mount Beerwah looks like on a clear day… That day it wasn’t this clear though!


So we went to another mountain, the name of which always slips my mind.  We made the climb in a bit of rain and fog, but it made it feel pretty cool.  Despite being soaking wet, I was pretty happy to be there.


Free at last

I am, as they say, 12.5% finished med school, with my first exam and semester under my belt.  It feels great to have it out of my hands, and on the paper.  And not hanging over me, like it as seemed to be for the last three months, progressively getting more and more real/scary.

I think the exam went well, and I hope everyone did well.  We won’t find out for three to six weeks, depending on who you talk to, which is going to drive me a bit crazy.

Last night we had some friends over to celebrate a fellow Canadian’s birthday and the end of semester,  and it was a really good time.  Today we are just hanging out and I’m headed up to Noosa with a friend.  Should be fun.

Blue Monday

It’s Monday night here and I’m just chugging along.  We have our exam coming up on Thursday and fortunately have these next few days off to prepare for it, which is pretty handy.  There isn’t much exciting going on and it’s raining like crazy.  It feels a little like Vancouver in the winter, but it seems fitting to be studying while the weather is terrible.  Hopefully it will clear up shortly and we will have some good weather for our post exam break.

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