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Introducing My Challenger

So… a little while ago now, I bought an airplane. It’s a Quad City Challenger that I bought from a man in NSW. It’s the physical fulfilment of a dream I’ve had for decades. It’s the start of the dream becoming real. I’ve always dreamt of being a pilot, and knew that I needed to make it happen. When I was younger it seemed so far away that I needn’t worry about it, just dream. But then later on, I started realizing if I don’t start this, it might not happen. So, after finishing medical school and realizing I would one day have a paycheck again, I started to look into it again. I did training with the General Aviation flight school in town and got a good foundation on the principles. The problem is that it’s very expensive building time in a rented airplane, and for good reason, airplanes are not cheap. So I started to look around. Private rentals can be a bit cheaper, but many have a minimum experience of over 100 hours. That’s a lot if you’re renting them all. Enter Ultralight Aviation… the time goes in your log just the same, an hour is an hour. And they’re a lot more affordable. It’s a different style of aviation, that’s for sure, but it’s still very exciting and provides me with a chance to leave the ground way more often than before. There’s something quite amazing about flying in your own machine, too.

So without further ado, here are some videos of my newest crazy plan.

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