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January Update

So, it has been a long time since I have updated here, and a lot of things have happened. I arrived here, of course, and had to find a place to live. I have now succeeded in finding the place, but Shaun and I have to wait till Feb 18 to get it. That’s a bit of a stress because Shaun (my future housemate) needed to have a place for the beginning of this week. As it turns out he was able to stay with some friends for the time being and will make the move in a few weeks. The place looks great to me and it fits a lot of my hopes. I didn’t know what kind of place we would be in, with me initially thinking that we would look for an old house in the hills. I had imagined a place in the bush that was a little isolated and cheap because of it. I looked all around and there were some good options. But then we kept adding wants to the list, like being close to the urban center and being closer to the coast. We have come so far, and have a chance to live near the water, and we wanted to take advantage of that. So it turned out that an apartment fit our needs better.
I met with the owner, which was great, as often you are only able to meet the real estate agent in this country. Things look like they will work out well.
Then I had to move all my stuff out of my house and into a storage locker, because I was headed on my rural medicine rotation. I have done that now, and headed up to Rockhampton, for orientation. Today is the end of the orientation, and over the weekend, I will travel to a small town called Barcaldine. It is in the middle of Queensland and seems like it’s going to be great. Whatever happens out there, I think it will give me a good taste of what is going on in the far corners of this country. Phone and internet have been spotty this week, as I am out of my home zone, there is very little coverage. I’m hoping to change carriers to fix that problem.
This week has been filled with lectures and practical sessions to try equip us as best as possible to handle some of the things we are going to see and do. We have done sessions on xray, injection, IV, intraosseous infusion, casting, CPR and many more. It’s been a really good all around review and a good way to start the year. I am looking forward to the weeks to come.

Now I lay me down to sleep

In Brisbane.

Starting the journey

While I didn’t actually write the post when I started, this is the time I woke up, at Matt’s house, to get ready to leave Canada.  I didn’t get back in bed until the post above.

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