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A terrible day

No two ways about it.

First Death Certificate

Sometimes it has been difficult for me to share the things that have been going on in my life. That’s because the some of the things that are currently consuming me are things like the title suggests. Recently I certified death for the first time. I knew the patient, I was there when they died. I talked to them an hour and a half before they went. How can I even write about that? Can I talk about it? What unforeseen consequences will there be if I say what I am thinking?

I always get philosophical in times like this, it’s just the way I am. Aside from the medical experience of what happened, it was a strange feeling to sign my name to a piece of paper that basically uses what I have learned about life to prove that it is not there. It seems different to what I thought I was studying and working for, but also somehow naturally part of it.

We talk amongst ourselves. It’s great to have peers who are going through the same thing. We learn from each other as we walk through the field.

I haven’t updated here in a long time because in some way I thought I was waiting for the time to make the big update, catch everyone up on everything that has happened to me, basically in the last six months. But just the other day my sister called, and she pointed out to me that delaying the day to day waiting for some big all-encompassing update makes the days just slip away. So here it is. A little of what is happening to me.

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