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An observation

Ever notice that, in any group of students, of those who have their laptops out in class, at least 90 percent of them are Macs? Even tho they make up 10 percent of the computer market, they are absolutely dominating it when it comes to showing off.

Just my luck

Compared to most people, I have a rather complicated, if not sophisticated phone system. I won’t go into all the details now, except to say that one of the features is time based control of my calls. If you are calling me from Canada at 5 am my time, your call usually goes straight to voicemail. This is designed so people don’t have to worry about time when they call, but also to stop callers that don’t know from waking me up.

Just recently, there was a 5 day window where that system wasn’t working, and calls were put straight through (I knew about it, but needed to have it that way to make the calls work). After months of the system diligently blocking nobody, three callers decided to jump through the temporary loophole to wake me up. Two of them were related to the recent election in BC, but they don’t know me, so it’s tough to blame. One was from a person who clearly knew I was in Australia, and needed my credit card number for a medical journal subscription. So she rang me up at 3:30 am! Anyway, phone is back in order and that can’t happen any more! Helps me sleep a little better. And no, I don’t need a ride to the polling station.

So… Feel free to call anytime. If you don’t know what time it is here, don’t worry about it, you can’t call at a bad time.

It’s freezing in here

My Monday morning lecture on gastric pathology is a bit of a comedic scene. There are people in here wearing jackets, with the hoods up! There is even a guy wearing wool gloves. Where did he get them from I wonder? Anyways, it is so cold it here I am almost shivering. I guess I’ll have to go outside to warm up.

I just let them crawl on me

There are tiny ants here. Everywhere. They can, and do get through the screen door. They walk all over my kitchen counter, my desk and my bed. I have given up trying to kill them all. I think that’s impossible. They were here last year, and then they went away. I’m assuming they will again. It’s to the point that they come and go as they please, even from under my shorts and shirt. You get to choose between fighting them and your own sanity.

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