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Why are you drinking Coke Zero?

Last week there was a big rugby game on in Sydney.  It is called State of Origin and is a yearly best of three playoff between the best players from Queensland and New South Wales, according to where they are originally from.  It was actually really exciting play and I look forward to seeing the next games, when I can watch the whole thing and relax.  NSW won, and so did I, since Brian and I had a $2 bet… I figured I needed to go with NSW, since I have actually lived there before Queensland, and have lived in NSW for longer as of yet.  But it’s best of three so we will see, Queensland’s still in it.

While watching the first bit of the game, a Coke ad came on that struck me as really funny.  I have found it on YouTube and stolen it.  It’s after the link if you’d like to watch it and laugh with me. [Read more →]

Nothin But Med

Life is pretty boring lately, just hanging out at the apartment and studying.  It will be like this for the next two and  a half weeks.  Last night I took a break to play footy again, which was fun, but our team keeps getting crushed.  I don’t care though, I have fun, and it’s good to run around a bit.  The weather has a had a few changes lately, there was a big rainstorm on Saturday that came out of nowhere.  I took a few photos of it, below.  Now it’s just cold and windy.  I closed my sliding glass door at night for the first time because I was cold.  It was bound to happen.  But it’s still clear and bright most of the time, which I’m really enjoying.

The Start of the Storm The End of the Storm Sunday afternoon view from my desk

I miss Canadian Sushi

Never thought I’d say that!  I had sushi for lunch yesterday and it was terrible.  Typical Australian sushi is so different than I am used to.  It’s dry, not very tasteful and has weird things in it.  They really shy away from the raw stuff, but then have weird stuff instead.  They put tuna in their rolls.  Ok… sounds normal, but I’m talking mashed up cooked tuna and mayonnaise, like a tuna salad sandwich.  With tofu.  It comes in a roll about 5 inches long, uncut.  People just bite pieces off like it’s a churro or something.  To top it all off, they make it all in the morning and let it sit there for hours till you walk along and submit yourself to eating the crap they hand out since there’s nothing better.  🙁

Oh well… I’ll have some of the good stuff at the end of the year. 🙂

Footy Bashed

Last night we played footy again, but had a flat out terrible performance. It’s probably reflective of a couple weeks spent sitting behind the desk for all of us. A few of our players didn’t even come out because they were (purportedly) still behind their desk. So we got cranked, 10:1. I don’t know what those other guys have been doing to stay in shape… Anyways, this morning I am a bit stiff. I spent most of the weekend behind my desk and at least in my apartment. It’s basically time to do nothing but that until the June exam. Last week was a bit of cardio stuff, with our patient having an MI. I am a little lost still on the EKG stuff, and I don’t really have my head around the way the machine works, let alone what it’s readouts mean. That will be probably pretty odd to read in a few years, since it will hopefully become second nature. This week I have cheated and looked ahead. Our patient will be having acute renal failure. It’s starting to come together a bit, and at least I am getting used to the paradigm of school again, and the particulars of this one. Hopefully I’m able to focus appropriately to execute this exam the way it should be done.

To be fair to the Prettiest Killer

So, after all the good I said about the new Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04, it turns out that it has been slightly harmful.  A Pretty Killer.  It has been turning on and off my harddrive very fast while running it.  This behaviour ended up making a clicking noise on my shiny new Dell M1530 laptop.  For fairness sake I will put that info here, and say that Windows used to do it too, and that there is a way to fix it.  I noticed it in January, and thought it would go away with the newest version, which didn’t happen.  I actually found out about it at the link above and followed the links to make the fix as well, so it is no longer happening.  The details of the fix are behind the link for my own record of what I needed to do. [Read more →]

May Ball Last Weekend

This last weekend we had May Ball.  It’s basically Medicine’s excuse to get dressed up and party.  It was like a wedding, where nobody got married and we all knew each other.  I have a few shots from around the tables.

Boys.jpg Brian toast.jpg Carol and Dave.jpg Jatinder and Dave.jpg Jimmy Dave Brian.jpg Lucas and Regan.jpg Sanah and Jatinder.jpg

Friday Morning Coffee, Google News. Nice Combo

I’m just having a coffee in the kitchen and reading the news, as I do from time to time.  An article popped out at me and I thought I would put it here. People sometimes don’t really understand why I don’t like Microsoft, so this is a little tidbit of stuff that makes me think that way.

The context is, last night I booted to Linux on my laptop and clicked the update button, to update to the new Ubuntu I talked about here. I kinda tossed and turned thinking I might be risking my working install of everything else.  It probably took a couple hours to do, but thats only because it would have taken that long to download the 750 MB of stuff it needed to update.  In the morning, I woke up to one dialogue box saying click to reboot and finish update.  It worked perfectly.  Wireless card works now, everything, and all my customizations from the other install remain.  Perfect.

Not so perfect for M$ business customers who found that updates that were forced on their systems automatically CORRUPTED their business data. Good luck getting that back, I hope it doesn’t cost you too much time, money and productivity!  It’s called work for a reason!  Thanks Redmond.

Read the article here.  That’s a little bit why I don’t like M$.  Who needs that? [Read more →]

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