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Byron Bay

We have moved down the coast to a place called Byron Bay. It’s a pretty famous beach spot, lots of backpackers and people taking it easy.


Airlie Beach

After almost ten years away, I have returned to Airlie Beach. Last time I was here I was with Mike, driving up the coast. This time I am here with 130 of my classmates, and we have all rented yachts and are going to sail out around the reef islands. The Great Barrier Reef is just 100 km from shore.

The photo showing a parking lot was actually where we slept on of the nights back then. Mike was sleeping in the parking lit and I was on the adjacent beach. The cops came and told Mike to move on in the morning, as they do here. They didn’t notice me, I was sleeping under a small catamaran! Those were good times.


What did I do to deserve this?

As I sat there on the beach, looking out to the vast Pacific expanse before me, I wondered how I was so lucky as to be there.  At 4:45 am, the tide was coming in.  I was awake, and sitting there in my sleeping bag, watching the water come closer and closer.

Then I noticed something strange in the sand.  When a wave would run up onto the sand, and would touch new sand, there would sometimes be a little yellow-green glow that lit up in the sand as the water pulled away, just at the edge.  I don’ t know what it was, or if it was a real or not, but it looked pretty cool.  I loved it out there.

Crazy lightning tonight

I spent today at the beach, which was pretty great cause it’s starting to get hot enough.  It was even a bit too hot.  Anyways, most of the time was spent just lying there reading and talking about our exams etc.  It was good to get out of the house.

There also was some pretty crazy lightning in the distance, but it didn’t really do much close by.  It was hitting pretty fast, but a lot of it was behind the clouds.  I took a clip of it and you can see it after the link.

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Hiding from the sun

We had yesterday off because of some strange scheduling (mis)fortune and decided to hit the beach. With our sights set on North Stradbroke Island, just east of Brisbane, we were up at 5:30 am for a 6:30 bus, and the combination of buses, trains, ferries and walking gave us an arrival time of about noon.

The beach was beautiful, wide and flat, with great sand. We swam, tried to surf and just took things easy. Sean, Brian and I reverted to our boyish roots and started catching crabs in the tidepools. A retreat to the restaurant started the trip home. It was a good 4 hours in the sun, and I’m really feeling it now. A few days hiding from the sun and I’ll be good. Hopefully I don’t molt.

Point Lookout Cylinder Beach Time to go

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