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Dead-squirrel -ectomy

I saw a lot on Friday. It was a fairly busy day and included ward rounds, which I found really fun. I know it wasn’t actually that exciting, but it just was for me.
I’m not certain what I should or shouldn’t write on here, so I won’t write anything for now. I keep a list of procedures I have observed though.

Mmm… Barbeque

Or electrocautery… I always get those two mixed up. But only when cutting muscle, when you cut guts it just smells like burnt hair.
I spent the day in surgery finally, and it was pretty fun. The day was pretty long, especially considering it was only a single procedure. It is called “Whipple” or pancreatoduodenectomy, and it is the resection of the head of the pancreas and first and second parts of the duodenum. Today it also involved cholecystectomy, but I’m not certain it always does.
Anatomy lab had nothing on this, it was really cool to see it live. When they said “live specimens are slightly different” they weren’t kidding!
Anyways, glad to be at it and looking forward to more. Rounds start tomorrow at 0645.
On a side note, I had lunch with Sanah yesterday, it was great to see her here!

Canada, will you Berry me?

Finally… After two weeks of trying to sort things out, I have got my Blackberry back and going, and it’s set up the way I had originally planned… Bell Mobility seems to have a call-30-times-and-then-you-get-what-you-need program.

This post is in fact even written with the berry… So nice to have a full keyboard on the phone.

So my regular number, 778 773 0728 still rings here, but the number of the phone is actually 403 559 6767 because hopefully my dad will be able to get use out of it while I’m gone again.

The only thing left to find out is what kind of nightmare the billing will actually be…

What a great day

So, the day hasn’t really done much to be all that great, but have the sun come out, the traffic be clear, the air be cool and clean and the sky blue.  Tomorrow is of course Remembrance Day, so there’s no work, so today is not only Monday, but it’s also kinda like Friday!  The sun is shining, which is a rarity here and I’m back at VGH doin my “backgrounds” :).  Not to mention a huge Tim’s by my side.  I hope things keep going well.

Isn’t that the way it always goes, when you’re late, you can’t get on the bus (it’s full), it’s dark, it’s rainy, the skytrain stops in the middle of the tracks.   The traffic is slow.  You wake up tired.  But this morning… I woke up by natural impulse, was easy to get out of the house and the commute went smoothly.  I think I’m finally adjusting to the time change.

Canada’s getting better

Things are getting better here, I’m now familiar with my bus routes so I can get where I want.  I think I have my elective stuff sorted out, I have really enjoyed seeing my friends and family, and I am just about psychologically ready to let go of the Bell Mobility fiasco.  The looming unknown of elective and VGH life is giving way to nice people and neat experiences slowly.  I am still kinda caught in administrative hell, but I think I’m getting out soon… I’m like a hopeful day-parole applicant (cause I know it’s not actually over… there will be more in my life).

The rain is just what I remember.  I’m just going to try ignore it, but it does really change the way I feel… I know most people think that’s weird.

Every day makes the future and the past

Today is a day for both.  Obama 08… I honestly don’t know enough to know what this means for the future, but I just hope it’s good.  These are definitely times of “Change” but when isn’t?  Each day makes the future and past, for nations and individual people.  Not a revolutionary insight, but just a commonplace observation.  Hopefully all that has transpired today leads to a good future.

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