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I am coming home!

This time tomorrow I will be on a plane pointed North. And East. To Canada! I am going to see my brother graduate from UBC Medicine. It’s going to be great, but between now and then I need to write my surgery exam, which isn’t going to be easy.

Eli likes to groove

When I was up in Townsville a few weeks ago, I learned something very funny about my little nephew.  Whenever there is music on and nobody is looking, he will often start to dance around.  Sometimes he’ll let you watch, but he’ll usually stop when he knows someone is looking.  I captured this groove one day when we were driving around.  It kinda looks like he’s just bouncing around in the car, but if you watch you can see that it’s actually very intentional.

It’s been a while

Well it’s been a long time since I’ve updated here, leaving people wondering where I am and what I’m up to.  And pondering my spelling.  I have been fairly busy trying to get my apartment together, getting a vehicle and even seeing my family up in FNQ.

I got back from the bush and had to study for a final and then had a few days off, and then got to jet to Townsville to see Jenn, James and Eli.  There are a few pics of us, on Magnetic Island, just off the coast of Townsville.

Eli is a funny little guy, always ready to smile, and he’s starting to be much more intentional about his interaction with people.  He used to smile like he couldn’t help holding back, and now when he smiles he really looks happy.  Another time that he looks totally happy is when he’s groovin to the music.  I took a short video of him in the car and will try upload it here in a bit.

Jenn and James took me all over, showed me the university and the hospital up there (I asked to see that, I don’t think it’s on the typical tourist timetable).

Since getting back I was swamped with getting into Surgery.  This rotation started out really intense, in that we were there for every morning meeting and were assigned to a team and followed the interns or registrars everywhere.  There was two weeks of orthopaedics at the beginning and now I have had a few weeks of general surgery, which is a bit more “go see what you’d like and not what you don’t, just make sure you study.”

In the meantime as well, I have finally bought a truck, which has proved to be a bit of a headache already.  I brought it home, so proud, only to have it fail to start on the very first time I stopped it.  It turns out there was a loose wire in the starter motor.  I did not know what was going on, but was fortunate enough to have an old housemate of mine, Steve, visiting from Langley.  He was able to be my starter motor, push style, for about a week.  Then on the weekend I picked up some wrenches and pulled the starter.  The fault was clear by that point, so I fixed it and re-installed it.  It’s starting beautifully now.  I just have a few issues with the fuel pump.  I hope I can work those out too.  Here you can see my repair:

Steve was here for three weeks and we were able to go to a footy game together, see a bit of the area and chill and hang out like old times.  Sometimes it seems as though neither of us has changed a bit.

I also bought a used bbq I found online, and was able to pick up, with my (trusty?) truck.  I’m pretty excited about it, and have basically lived off it in the last two days.  I want to get a few plants and make the apartment feel a little more like home.  Plus study.  A bunch.  I have an exam in three weeks and it’s no small thing.  Hopefully I survive, all I have to do is read and memorize a textbook…

I’ll try grab some photos of the truck, I never think to do it.  Plus I’ll try show you where I’m living when I get my act together.  Hopefully it’s soon!

While I’m in the picture mood I might as well throw in a pretty cool sunrise from a few days ago:

Sunrise over Maroochy

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