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I saw a snake today

It was green, and I think it had a white stripe running it’s length.  It was maybe two centimeters in diameter and about 1.5 m in length.  It was on the boardwalk between the lecture hall and the Green Bridge.  I tried to take a picture of it, but it was gone before I could even get close.

Just a part of life here…

Australia Day

The National Holiday of Australia is today, and everyone goes out and wanders the parks and paints Aussie flags on their faces.

I cruised around with some friends this morning, had lunch downtown, and am now headed to Lisa’s parents place for a barbeque.

Here are a few photos from my wanderings. The old churches are right downtown, and the ferris wheel is new to Southbank.

No umbrella

How am I going to get to the hospital in any sort of respectable condition? It’s a 45 minute walk away from here, and you guessed it, my umbrella is buried deep in storage somewhere.

I doubt the photo will show the true tropical downpour that I am about to march through.

More King’s

Here are a few more photos of the place that I’m staying temporarily.

It is a good place to be temporarily, but is definitely a dorm, complete with strangers everywhere, loud music and late loud talkers.

It’s cheap tho! Depending on where I end up living, it is about half to a third of what I will pay for my own place.

The Green Bridge

This is the green bridge, the link between campus and the other side of the river.
It’s suprisingly long, and once while crossing it I saw a dolphin playing in the water below.

It’s going to be a much bigger part of my life this year no matter where I live, since half of my life is on one side, and half on the other.

My new digs

Recently I decided to rejoin the first world and took up a room in King’s College.
It’s relatively nice and almost on campus,so it’s about as convenient as you can get.
Where I have been till now must remain an internationally protected secret.

Still Searching

Monday afternoon here, and I’m still searching for an apartment.  The only difference now is that it looks like I’m searching alone again.  I was looking with a guy in my class and a friend of his, but now it looks like they will probably just live together in the place she’s in now.

I am moving into a dorm on campus for temporary accommodation though, so that looks like it will work out well for the interim.  I suppose I’ll just get a two bedroom alone and see what I can do about a housemate.  Seemed to work out last year.

Story Bridge

This is one of the more famous Brisbane bridges. It is called the Story Bridge and there is a building on campus called the J D Story Building.

I don’t know what the story is.

Video test

This is more or less a test post to see what it looks like when I send a video direct from my phone… Let me know if it comes though ok.
I have been sending photos through, just not video yet.

This morning I decided to crack out the roller blades for the first time since moving here, and it was good… The roads could be better but the weather’s just right!
Time to take back the rental car I have had for a while now! Sad…
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We’re back into the program now, and we’re going through a bunch of boring topics like fire safety and how important it is to go to the prac sessions.
The pathology guy came and made a good appeal to students to not just try and navigate for the exam, because there’s much more required to be a doctor and, more importantly, a steward of your patients’ safety than a passing test score.

The photo attached is just one of the many spiders that hang out with me when I go near the library for a plug-in.

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