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Back online!

So it has been many months now since I have had a proper internet connection.  I have been wandering the desert for 40 days… among other things.  But as of a few days ago I am back online with a proper internet connection at home.

I have had a lot happen that I haven’t been able to record, which is a bit sad, but I will try recap it a little bit… except not right now cause I’m supposed to be studying.  Other than internet at home, my big steps forward also include the purchase of a vehicle, and I have heard from my cell carrier that they intend to activate a data plan for me, which they have been refusing to do.  They say it will take a week…  As long as it happens I will be happy.

Click, sleep, click, sleep

I am trying to use the internet… except it is really slow…  dial up speed.  We have internet on one of Shaun’s phones, sometimes.

PS… this is an old post from when the internet was too slow to even bother finishing it!

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