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I am still alive

It’s been a while since I have made an update, but I have been busy trying to settle into my new home. I am loving it and it is so good to finally have a place that is somewhat permanent.

For the last ~3 months I have been a nomad.  Without a permanent home, coasting on the good hearts of my friends and family.  Now that I have found a place, I realized that I was so anxious to just live normally that I did just that.  I am getting quite comfortable, even though I haven’t completely set up things yet.  There are things that I need to do right now, or they may never get done!

I also don’t have internet at home.  I have a connection through my cell phone, which is pretty handy, since I don’t have to march over to the hospital to check one thing, but it’s a little restrictive too, since it is bandwidth limited and a little touch and go for staying online sometimes.  That should be fixed some time this week, if all goes well.

It’s Mardi Gras here today, which isn’t a real event down here that I’ve noticed.  I’m at the hospital because we had PBL this morning and now we are just chilling at the library waiting for Pathology at 2:30.

I took a bit of a camera tour on the place a few days ago.  I’ll put it together and put it here to let you all know where I’m living soon.

Moving Day!

Finally, I have found a place to live. After going through a ton of different combinations and arrangements, it looks like one is going to work. The place is really close to the hospital, and the Green Bridge, it’s practically right between the two. I am going to be moving in soon and I’m very happy about that. Not that it hasn’t been great to relive the dorm life.

Thanks for all your support and encouragement. I will hopefully take a few photos of the new place and show it around when I get settled.


He was 24. He looked just like one of us. He took too much heroin that time.

Gran Torino

A few days ago I watched the movie ‘Gran Torino’ with a few friends.  I had a good time and it was fun and relaxing to go out, but the movie was terrible.  The characters were walking, talking stereotypes, with their volume turned up 125%.  Nobody acts like that.  Even people who think those things don’t act like that.  People who DO think or do those things, don’t turn around after a week and behave in the opposite manner.

There were a few ideas that were forced too hard as well.  The whole church-hater-ending-up-a-Christ-like-sacrifice figure seemed like it was crafted with a blunt instrument.

Throw on top of that a few terrible child actors and Clint Eastwood trying to solidify his reputation as the old gravel-voice,  and it was just not worth it. Just my thoughts.

Gran Torino, a waste of time

More Photos

These are a few more photos from Australia Day and the fireworks.

It was a fun day.









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