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Whitsunday Memories

Just sitting here on the deck at night in Byron Bay… It’s Christmas Eve, and everyone is headed to bed. I found some videos on my phone from my sailing trip a few weeks ago so I thought I would try post them here. It might work, it might not…. We’ll have to see!

The first one is motoring out of Hamilton Island, and the second one is under sail, later that day. Try not to get seasick!

PS… It didn’t work! I’ll figure it out soon.

Something to think about

These are a few weird facts I came across…  Not my video, but I liked it.  I always love stuff like this. I’m not so certain about how much fact-checking went into this project though.  Here‘s where it all started

Eli likes to groove

When I was up in Townsville a few weeks ago, I learned something very funny about my little nephew.  Whenever there is music on and nobody is looking, he will often start to dance around.  Sometimes he’ll let you watch, but he’ll usually stop when he knows someone is looking.  I captured this groove one day when we were driving around.  It kinda looks like he’s just bouncing around in the car, but if you watch you can see that it’s actually very intentional.

New Apartment

Since you can’t just come visit me every year, I wanted to let you all see where I’m living now. It has been good to find a place that works for me and be grounded again.

The place is kinda like a townhouse, with a parking garage below, and walk up doors to 6 units, I am unit 5. I am living with a guy named John, who is originally from New Zealand, and has lived in Tasmania and New South Wales for the last few years. Our bedrooms are on the first floor, and the living room/kitchen is upstairs.

It’s nice to have air conditioning and a big open kitchen. The gas range is something I really love too, and one of the little things I missed from my old house.

Without much more ado, I’ll let you see it for yourself. Just follow the link for a video.

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Missing the little ones at home

Being here is great, and I am truly loving what is happening down here.  It’s an awesome experience and I’m so glad it’s happening… I just wish it didn’t take me away for so long, so far from home.  I am looking forward now to going home, and it’s really coming up quickly.  That said, I have really missed a big chunk of time when it comes to someone whose whole life is still measured in months.  I have two nephews, Sam and Isaac.  I’ve never even seen Isaac with my own eyes.  I don’t know what he’s like either.  I’m looking forward to finding out over Christmas.  With Sam I’m a little more familiar and I am sad for not being able to spend time with him this year.

Before I left, I took care of him at my place one afternoon and we played around with the camera.  He couldn’t talk at the time, but clearly knew what was going on.  I also like to think that at the beginning of the first video he says “Picture” when the camera comes out.  Who knows.  I do know he remembered being there, even after I was gone.  I’m looking forward to talking with him, which will be a totally new experience for me.  I watch these videos sometimes when I’m missing him and it never fails to make me smile.

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My very own Chronophage

I have recently added a clock on the right side of my page here that shows two date-and-times.  It’s pretty obvious what they are.  The reason I put this up is because I am acutely aware of this time of my life as a fixed period.  There is a start date and an end date to all this, and it’s coming up one second at a time.  I have often thought this of many situations I have been in, both good and bad, so I wanted a way to show time slip from one side of the present to the other.  A river of time, and me stuck on a bridge spanning it, watching it pass below.

It was apparently also on minds at Cambridge who made this clock.  Mind you, mine cost slightly less than their quoted $2 Million pricetag (How the heck does that even happen?).  I understand Stephen Hawking presented the clock as part of his theoretical commitment that the forward movement of time is inevitable. I just presented mine myself. I kept that article and a video showing the clock behind this link.

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Crazy lightning tonight

I spent today at the beach, which was pretty great cause it’s starting to get hot enough.  It was even a bit too hot.  Anyways, most of the time was spent just lying there reading and talking about our exams etc.  It was good to get out of the house.

There also was some pretty crazy lightning in the distance, but it didn’t really do much close by.  It was hitting pretty fast, but a lot of it was behind the clouds.  I took a clip of it and you can see it after the link.

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Walk with me to the PAH

This is a video I took in June some time when I was walking to the Princess Alexandra Hospital.  I had my camera set on slow motion video, but didn’t know that the slow mo would be so slow. So, it’s choppy.  I wanted to do it again, and use the regular video setting and then speed it up, but given the weird looks I got marching all that way with a camera stuck in people’s faces, I probably won’t.  So here it is.  People who have been there before will recognize it. [Read more →]

Why are you drinking Coke Zero?

Last week there was a big rugby game on in Sydney.  It is called State of Origin and is a yearly best of three playoff between the best players from Queensland and New South Wales, according to where they are originally from.  It was actually really exciting play and I look forward to seeing the next games, when I can watch the whole thing and relax.  NSW won, and so did I, since Brian and I had a $2 bet… I figured I needed to go with NSW, since I have actually lived there before Queensland, and have lived in NSW for longer as of yet.  But it’s best of three so we will see, Queensland’s still in it.

While watching the first bit of the game, a Coke ad came on that struck me as really funny.  I have found it on YouTube and stolen it.  It’s after the link if you’d like to watch it and laugh with me. [Read more →]

Sundown Downunder

Our apartment is perfectly positioned, according to me. It runs east and west, with our bedrooms on the east side, with large windows and sliding glass doors and separate balconies. Then on the west side is our kitchen and living room, and another balcony. It’s here that we get to spend the evening and watch the sunset every night. Some are quite flashy, and some are just a little bit of hazy yellow in a perfectly clear sky before the sun drops away over the outback. The best of them make me wish I had captured them, so I have actually tried a couple times. It’s hard to know when they’re going to really light up, but this one is alright. It’s a lot longer than the sunset itself, but I thought the time lapse of the people running about was interesting too.

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