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From time to time I wonder what I should and can place online here.  There are a few categories of privacy that need to be addressed.

Email Privacy

I hate spam as much, maybe more, than anyone else.  So I don’t have a mailing list, I don’t publish addresses, and I don’t group email with all of your addresses in the TO: section.  When filling out a comment or anything you can be sure that I will not post links to your email address, and would appreciate the same courtesy.

As an aside to that idea, since you’re reading this, please adopt this courtesy.  When emailing a bunch of people, put your own address in the TO: section and BCC everyone else.  Unless it’s work or collaboration or something that you want your recipients to know who read it.  Thanks.

Medical Privacy

There are stories/experiences described here of a medical nature.  They are all completely untrue.  They are all entirely made up, a compilation of events and ideas, and any resemblance to any facility or person or patient is entirely coincidental.  If you think something is about you, I can assure you, it most definitely is not.  I’m glad we clarified that.

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