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Back Home

Actually I have been home for a while. Phoenix was great, a really cool place and a great time to be there. I am looking forward to going back! Since being home the weather has been a lot warmer and we have all been together. Things are starting to wrap up with people going their ways. Andy and I had coffee this morning that turned into lunch and ended up being a 4 hour event! Loved it.

Off to Phoenix

With Edmonton posting its coldest ever temperature, somewhere around -46 C, I am getting outta Canada! Well I am not going cause it’s cold, just going with Dad. Should be good fun!

Blankets all around

We are watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” and we’ve all got blankets to fend off the cold. It is minus 30 something outside!

I’m home

Olds, Alberta is a snowy snowy place right now, but it’s home and I made it, after all the flying. Five different flights between Brisbane and Calgary.  It’s good to be home.

PS – Results were released and now I am officially done second year.

Ah no! I’m beached!

Actually I am just stuck in the airport. My 1130h flight got moved to 1247 then 1302 then 1320 then cancelled. Fortunately I got moved to a flight later today, but some guys in front of me got moved to tomorrow. Still, had I known I would leave later it would have been a bit better, as I could have made visits this morning. Oh well. Calgary here I come.

Vancouver Glory

The weather this last week has been great in Vancouver. The images below show what we are working with. These photos are the ones from the top of the Harbour Center. Erika took me there as she has a special card allowing her to take guests to attractions for free. It was sweet. Ron did not like me taking his wife away from being there for him at lunch though!


Back in Canada

Made it back and it is so great to be here. Family, friends, Tim Hortons, Reese’s, root beer and sunshine surprisingly. I have a rental car this time and that is really helping me get around, glad I did that. This morning I went to the Vancouver Lookout, i will have to post photos later, but it was great. On my way out to the valley where I used to live. So many memories…

American Trucks

Utes just are not the same, these things are huge! I forgot how many there were. In Australia they have the odd big truck, but nothing like here.


Quick Stop

I have a short layover in Sydney, so I hopped the train and hit Circular Quay. I am in the lineup for the plane now, and I have an exit row seat, which should be nice. I think and hope it is a window too… Sydney is great, I forgot how nice it was. I wish I had more time here.


Traveling Home

This will be one of my longest chain of flights yet… I am still in Christchurch, NZ. I am on my way to Sydney, then LA and then finally Vancouver. It will be about 36 h in total. Dear Canada, see you soon.

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