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Sundown Downunder

Our apartment is perfectly positioned, according to me. It runs east and west, with our bedrooms on the east side, with large windows and sliding glass doors and separate balconies. Then on the west side is our kitchen and living room, and another balcony. It’s here that we get to spend the evening and watch the sunset every night. Some are quite flashy, and some are just a little bit of hazy yellow in a perfectly clear sky before the sun drops away over the outback. The best of them make me wish I had captured them, so I have actually tried a couple times. It’s hard to know when they’re going to really light up, but this one is alright. It’s a lot longer than the sunset itself, but I thought the time lapse of the people running about was interesting too.

4 Responses to “Sundown Downunder”

  1. I’m jealous of your apartment…I think we need to move somewhere where I can see the sunset…looks amazing. I’m glad for you that you’re in a place that makes you happy….

  2. wow what good images

    I can really relate to the pictures now having been there. You live in a great place

  3. Dad: Ya, it was neat to have you down, and I’m glad you can picture where I am. It’s crazy sometimes to think that you were standing right here…

    Jenn: Don’t be jealous! Just move down here with me!!

  4. David,
    Fabulous website and video!! How beautiful!!!
    All the best to you and Brian and all your fellow student buddies as you write your exam today.
    Kim and Percy.

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