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Footy Bashed

Last night we played footy again, but had a flat out terrible performance. It’s probably reflective of a couple weeks spent sitting behind the desk for all of us. A few of our players didn’t even come out because they were (purportedly) still behind their desk. So we got cranked, 10:1. I don’t know what those other guys have been doing to stay in shape… Anyways, this morning I am a bit stiff. I spent most of the weekend behind my desk and at least in my apartment. It’s basically time to do nothing but that until the June exam. Last week was a bit of cardio stuff, with our patient having an MI. I am a little lost still on the EKG stuff, and I don’t really have my head around the way the machine works, let alone what it’s readouts mean. That will be probably pretty odd to read in a few years, since it will hopefully become second nature. This week I have cheated and looked ahead. Our patient will be having acute renal failure. It’s starting to come together a bit, and at least I am getting used to the paradigm of school again, and the particulars of this one. Hopefully I’m able to focus appropriately to execute this exam the way it should be done.

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  1. troubles with an ECG?? I love that stuff. There’s about 12 rhythms that I think I can identify just by looking at the screen and it’s very helpful 😀 It really takes no time at all to get the hang of. Much easier than reading an NMR printout for a poly brominated hydrocarbon!

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