David Graff – davidgraff.com Today with Dave, Downunder it's Friday, January 28th, 2022 @ 1:20 PM

Canada’s getting better

Things are getting better here, I’m now familiar with my bus routes so I can get where I want.  I think I have my elective stuff sorted out, I have really enjoyed seeing my friends and family, and I am just about psychologically ready to let go of the Bell Mobility fiasco.  The looming unknown of elective and VGH life is giving way to nice people and neat experiences slowly.  I am still kinda caught in administrative hell, but I think I’m getting out soon… I’m like a hopeful day-parole applicant (cause I know it’s not actually over… there will be more in my life).

The rain is just what I remember.  I’m just going to try ignore it, but it does really change the way I feel… I know most people think that’s weird.

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