David Graff – davidgraff.com Today with Dave, Downunder it's Saturday, December 15th, 2018 @ 11:55 AM

My Laptop is Back!

For a guy who really uses a computer a lot… I went without a one for a long time…  back in the beginning of September my laptop decided to pack it in.  Because I was a too busy to actually figure out what the problem was, and didn’t want to risk sending it away to anyone, I held on to it.  My brother in law was kind enough to lend me his to get me through the OSCE on September 10, and then I was moving towards going back to Aus before I knew it.  When I got here, I found out what the troubles were and I found a place that can do the fix.  After sending it in, in blind faith, I got a call that everything was back up and working well.  So we’ll have to see how it holds up, since the shop told me sometimes the fix doesn’t stay.  Anyways, it’s good to have it back.

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