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Missing the little ones at home

Being here is great, and I am truly loving what is happening down here.  It’s an awesome experience and I’m so glad it’s happening… I just wish it didn’t take me away for so long, so far from home.  I am looking forward now to going home, and it’s really coming up quickly.  That said, I have really missed a big chunk of time when it comes to someone whose whole life is still measured in months.  I have two nephews, Sam and Isaac.  I’ve never even seen Isaac with my own eyes.  I don’t know what he’s like either.  I’m looking forward to finding out over Christmas.  With Sam I’m a little more familiar and I am sad for not being able to spend time with him this year.

Before I left, I took care of him at my place one afternoon and we played around with the camera.  He couldn’t talk at the time, but clearly knew what was going on.  I also like to think that at the beginning of the first video he says “Picture” when the camera comes out.  Who knows.  I do know he remembered being there, even after I was gone.  I’m looking forward to talking with him, which will be a totally new experience for me.  I watch these videos sometimes when I’m missing him and it never fails to make me smile.

My interpretation of what Sam was thinking here… Besides trying to figure out my Blackberry fascination, he looks over and seems to want me to come sit by him, and he tries to make room. Then he discovers how soft that blanket feels and it looks like he says “Soft”. Ah he’s awesome.

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  1. He is awesome….I feel the same way. Lis and Sam were here for the weekend and I wanna drive up to Olds to see them, I miss them already! I’m sure he will love seeing you again too.
    We miss ya too Davie…you’re awesome!

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