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I am in Barcaldine, Qld, and it seems like it’s going to be great.  The town is tiny, as predicted and the people are very friendly.  It has rained nearly 140 mm over the last 36 hours, and the town is officially shut off from the outside by the police.  There is water covering the roads out of here.  The town was on the state news last night for the rain and flooding.  The humidity here is sickening and condensing on everything in sight.  The table top is wet.  My laptop is wet too.  I hope it’s ok.  I think the air conditioner is designed to pump water vapour into the house because it is usually so dry out here.

I don’t have internet here, I am currently borrowing from the student who is also here who has a wireless modem.  The school handed out modems to other students who they said had no internet, but said I would have it.  I don’t want to use it too much but I am happy to at least have a little bit of a link with the world, since my cell phone doesn’t work here.  I have made some changes that will let it work again in a little bit, but those are wheels that take a while to turn. (I need to change mobile carriers)

I had my first half day today with my preceptor, who seems like he’s going to be great.  All we did was cut out skin cancers (4) and talk about emergency procedures and food in Canada (two separate things).  It seems like it’s going to be great.  I really need to get up to speed on things though.  I know the world doesn’t revolve around me, and that means that not everyone knows this is the first day of my first rotation and I am barely out of second year.  So when someone expects more than I have ever done before I want to be ready.

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  1. GOod for you Dave…it was good to skype with you last night….

  2. good to hear about you david

    phone us when you can

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