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End of the first week

So the first week of rural is over, and it was a pretty neat experience.  As I mentioned earlier that on Monday we spent some time excising and chatting.  Tuesday and Wednesday were a mix of hospital and clinic (which Aussies call “surgery”, very confusing).  Thursday and Friday were spent in a smaller town 1.5 hours from here called Alpha.  I guess there’s a new mine getting set up in Alpha for coal or coal seam gas (nobody has told me for sure) and so the town is set to grow.  The hospital there reminded me of the old hopsital in Olds, where I was born… it was ll wooden walls and the age was about the same.  The only difference was that the hallways were half open on one side.

Getting back up to speed with med, if only in the sense that I am reading about it again.  This town is pretty fun, and it definitely feels small, as I am starting to see people I know already, only having been here for a few days.  Looking forward to getting to know it better.

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